From Preventive Dentistry to Orthodontics

From preventive dentistry to orthodontics

What are the likely problems as the result of malaligned teeth? Why is it necessary to have teeth aligned straight?
Having straight teeth not only gives you a great smile, it will also build your confidence. Most important, it will improve your occlusion, enabling you to chew food better.
Unevenly aligned teeth create areas that are hard to reach by toothbrush. Not brushing well often is the reason for cavities and gingivitis. Gingivitis could develop into periodontitis, which may lead to early teeth loss. In addition, the inability to chew well may also negatively affect the gastrointestinal system.
At our clinic, orthodontic braces for both the external side and the internal side (the tongue side) are available. Patients have the option of choosing the desirable method of correction.